About JWM

JWM Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd. JWM based in Shenyang which is one of the largest guard tour system manufacturers in China with branch offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen together with international distributors worldwide. Through over 12 years of unremitting efforts made by our team, we have a proven history of providing customer driven, avant-garde, qualified safety products. Our main focus products are guard tour systems such as Touch guard tour systems, RFID guard tour systems, GPRS guard tour systems, GPS guard tour systems, and other time & attendance products, which can be used in Guard Patrol.

JWM Product
WM-5000V Guard Tour

  • The Patrolling guard takes the reader and read his own Guard ID to identify himself with the system.

  • Then the guards go to the checkpoints. the Reader will automatically read each RFID tag and no need to touch it. When reading successfully, a flash of the red indicator light accompanied by a “beep” means that a reading has been made. The WM-5000v+ reader will store the signal card’s ID number and time for every station reading.

  • After patrolling are done. Use the USB port cable to connect the computer and the Reader directly and have a data analysis and management.

Features :

  • Alloy body, molded rubber shell, super durability.
  • Contactless reading.
  • Waterproof.
  • USB interface.
  • Storage 4MB Flash, capacity 60,000 records.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Rugged design, easy operation.
  • Internal real time clock.
  • Low power consumption, long battery lifetime.

Technical Specifications

Physical Metal body, molded rubber shell
Dimensions 130mm x 40mm x 28mm
Operating Frequency 125 KHz
Operating Temperature - 45° to +85°C
Humidity 10% to 98% non condensing
Memory 4 MB Flash
Storage Capacity 60,000 records
Battery 3.0 V rechargable lithium battery, 1200 mAh