The VidyoConferencing™ Portfolio

Everything You Need for Scalable and Affordable HD Video Conferencing

At last, multipoint video conferencing that is natural, universally available and affordable. The Vidyo™ Adaptive Video Layering Architecture delivers low latency, high definition video conferencing over general data networks and the Internet, using off-the-shelf devices. Vidyo’s architecture dynamically optimizes video quality to the network and to the capabilities of individual endpoint devices in order to deliver telepresence-quality experiences for each participant. Vidyo provides all this and more, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.



VidyoOne™ delivers all of the VidyoConferencing hardware and software compmunicate more effectively from anywhere they have an Internet connection. Learn more»


The VidyoPortal is an intuitive web-based environment for accessing the functionality of the VidyoConferencingTM solution. Learn more»


At the heart of the VidyoConferencing system is the VidyoRouter appliance, a new paradigm for multiparty conferencing, that eliminates the need for the Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) required in traditional video conferencing systems.Learn more»


The VidyoGateway appliance connects to legacy videoconferencing endpoints and MCUs such as Polycom and Tandberg, and enables them to interoperate with Vidyo’s breakthrough architecture. Learn more»


VidyoProxy automatic firewall detection and traversal software is embedded in all Vidyo endpoints and in the VidyoRouter, eliminating the need for additional or special hardware components while enabling flexible deployment topologies. Learn more»


VidyoReplay™ is an easy-to-use webcasting and recording appliance that enables large numbers of users to watch a Vidyo™ conference concurrently via their web browsers, either in real-time or at any time after the conference. Learn more»



A personal telepresence experience with immersive interactions at 10% of the cost of traditional systems. Learn more»


Get stunning HD-quality and a telepresence experience without the expense of custom room and dedicated network build-outs. Learn more»


Transform desktop and laptop PCs and Macs into on-demand HD video conferencing systems, and eliminate the need for expensive proprietary hardware endpoints. Learn more»


Experience HD multipoint video conferencing and video collaboration while on the road or where anywhere 3G/4G mobile data service is available. Learn more»