Vidyo's breakthrough HD video conferencing technology is also available on desktop. In fact, VidyoDesktop provides better quality video than most room system video conferencing systems you have experienced. And, as with Vidyo's award-winning VidyoRoom systems, we are talking about desktop video conferencing that's conducted over general–purpose IP networks. All you need is a video camera, a Mac or a PC, even a touch screen desktop computer, and you´re ready to participate in a multipoint video conference with other participants, whether they're gathered in special video conference rooms or simply sitting in front of VidyoDesktops of their own. Finally - a way for everyone to participate no matter where they might happen to be.

VidyoDesktop is a software–based solution that´s easy to use and manage via VidyoPortal. And with it comes the realization of the same reservation–less conferencing capabilities for video that have been available right along for voice and the Web. All users are assigned a personal space that can be password–protected, thus making it possible for meetings to be held anytime — whether impromptu or by prior arrangement.

Experience personal telepresence at your desktop or on a smartphone. Each user can easily manage and control their own screen layout and data share during a video conference.

VidyoDesktop takes full advantage of Vidyo’s patented technology, yielding imperceptible latency and high network error resiliency to deliver point to point and multipoint telepresence experiences anywhere the Internet reaches.
VidyoDesktop Software - for Windows, Linux or Mac computers and iOS and Android Smartphones/Tablets

Vidyo Executive Desktop is a premium user license designed for key personnel who require guaranteed access to their Vidyo video conferencing system from their desktop computer or mobile device.
Vidyo Executive Desktop - for Windows, Linux or Mac computers and iOS and Android Smartphones/Tablets