VidyoPanorama - Full Immersive HD Telepresence Multi-Screen Systems

VidyoPanorama is the industry’s first affordable telepresence solution that delivers truly immersive interactions on up to 20 screens of 1080p at 60fps resolution. VidyoPanorama redefines the traditional telepresence paradigm and price points to usher in a new era of universal video communications that is also affordable. Companies can now empower their employees to work from anywhere there is an Internet connection and promote a higher level of collaboration with high quality video conferencing using mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android), PCs (Win, Mac, Linux), room systems, and immersive VidyoPanorama telepresence rooms.

At 10% the cost of current telepresence solutions, VidyoPanorama redifines not just the quality and utility of the technology - it brings large scale immersive telepresence systems to a price point many more businesses and organisations can afford.

VidyoPanorama 3 to 9 screen systems will be initial released in Q4 2011, with 10 to 20 screen systems to follow in early 2012.

TP-HDP900-1080P 1080p/60 9 Screen System
TP-HDP900-720P 720p/60 9 Screen System
TP-HDP800-1080P 1080p/60 8 Screen System
TP-HDP800-720P 720p/60 8 Screen System
TP-HDP700-1080P 1080p/60 7 Screen System
TP-HDP700-720P 720p/60 7 Screen System
TP-HDP600-1080P 1080p/60 6 Screen System
TP-HDP600-720P 720p/60 6 Screen System
TP-HDP500-1080P 1080p/60 5 Screen System
TP-HDP500-720P 720p/60 5 Screen System
TP-HDP400-1080P 1080p/60 4 Screen System
TP-HDP400-720P 720p/60 4 Screen System
TP-HDP300-1080P 1080p/60 3 Screen System
TP-HDP300-720P 720p/60 3 Screen System
TP-HDP-DECODER VidyoPanorama bundle to support one additional screen on an existing 720P/60 or 1080P/60 VidyoPanorama system