Protecting access to the VidyoConferencing network and user data is critical, so Vidyo uses HTTPS - the same technology used to secure online banking transactions - to ensure that login data is kept safe. Moreover, all appliances in the VidyoConferencing system have been network-hardened against attacks from would-be hackers.

And VidyoProxy automatic firewall detection and traversal software is embedded in all Vidyo endpoints and in the VidyoRouter, eliminating the need for additional or special hardware components while enabling flexible deployment topologies. Having this capability built-in to the endpoints combined with the versatility to invite anyone with a computer and webcam into a Vidyo conference, makes it hassle free to anyone from anywhere without compromising your network security. VidyoProxy comes 'built in' with VidyoRouter and all Vidyo end point products - VidyoOne, VidyoDesktop and VidyoRoom products HD-220, HD-100, and HD-50 .