An accessory device for use with VidyoRoom HD-50, HD-100 and HD-220 Appliances.

This USB to VGA Adaptor is designed to interface any Windows or Mac PC notebook to a VidyoRoom Appliance, enabling the screen display of the attached computer to be shared from that video conterence room with all other participants in a VidyoConference session.

The VidyoRoom Screen Sharer is about the size of a pack of cards. A mini-USB port is used for plus-and-play connectivity to a VidyRoom appliance, and the VGA port is connected to the external screen connector on a notebook or computer.

Product Features

  • Share the screen of a PC or Notebook in a VidyoRoom with all other participants
  • Plug-and-play USB connectivity
  • for Windows and Mac computers or notebooks

Product Specification


  • v2.0 mini-USB port
  • VGA port


  • Via USB port

LED Suite

  • Power, Stat, Cap

Ordering Information

DEV-ACC-RMSHARE VidyoRoom Screen Sharer Adapter